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The goal for Cami was to create a place that was comfortable and warm, given just how apprehensive people can be about seeking therapy in the first place. There are four chairs and a couch as pictured, along with abstract artwork, a few plants, and warm lighting.

Cami keeps a small coffeemaker on hand (think Keurig) along with the standard cream and sugar, as well as bottled water. No food, since that’s a bit too distracting from what people come there for. Alcohol is available only for certain people under certain circumstances—she takes her practice seriously, and generally speaking isn’t going to encourage getting drunk in order to talk about feelings.

There are also several hidden surprises around the room, namely demon traps under the carpets and artwork, along with mace-like spray bottles of either holy water or vervain-water tucked in assorted nooks and crannies. She is very careful when it comes to who she invites in, specifically to keep unwanted vampires out, and any sort of signage will only offer a chance to be invited, not permission to come in.

Cami is in her office Monday to Friday 10:00AM to 4:00PM for walk-ins; if she’s not seeing anyone, she’ll spend that time organizing notes from her sessions and doing research on patient problems and psychology in general to keep as on top of things as she can be. She’s much more flexible when it comes to appointments; she just needs advance notice so she knows to be there, but is willing to talk nearly whenever someone needs her.

Session length can vary, but typically Cami will try to keep it around an hour unless the situation calls for something different. Therapy isn’t meant to be easy, and the standard hour usually allows for a good opportunity to talk and explore without pushing things too far due to emotional or mental fatigue. At the same time, if someone clearly needs more time (or less!), she'll provide if it she's able. The good thing about Wonderland is that she isn't getting paid by the hour, so that makes things a lot simpler.

Patient Files
These are kept under lock and key in her office; Cami absolutely would not share these with anyone of her own free will, save if someone proves to be a danger to themselves or others. This is something she takes very seriously, so please contact me if you'd like your character to have the opportunity to break in, look through them, etc.

Becoming a Patient
Ideally I would like to thread out at least the first session with Cami and any interested character, just to try and get a sense of their interaction. ICly Cami will post about it periodically and has an IC inbox people can respond to. OOCly I can be found on plurk as [ profile] tadity or reached by sending a private message to Cami's journal.

While I will happily thread with anyone, I know that going through each therapy session is highly unlikely. So feel free to comment to this post under your character's name about anything that might get brought up in session! It'll also help me keep track of what's going on with Cami and other characters for when we do thread, so she knows things to follow-up on and potential progress that's been made.
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This is Cami; sorry I'm not here right now, but leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.
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Character Name: Camille "Cami" O'Connell
Series: The Vampire Diaries / The Originals
Timeline: Mid-2x05 of The Originals, when she’s unconscious after Mikael feeds from her.
Canon Resource Link: Cami on the Vampire Diaries Wikia

Character History: While virtually nothing is known of Cami's childhood thus far, all indications would indicate that she had a fairly normal one, given the world she lived in. She was raised with a twin brother named Sean, whom she shared a close bond with all her life. They even had a secret code they used to relay messages to one another. Their paths ultimately diverged when Cami pursued her Master's in psychology, while Sean went to New Orleans to become a seminary student. He studied with their uncle, Father Kieran O'Connell, and might have been a great priest. However, Sean seemed to suddenly go insane, inexplicably killing all of his fellow priests-in-training along with himself in Kieran's church, St. Anne's. Cami couldn't understand why her brother would do such a thing, when he had given absolutely no indication of mental illness or breakdown in his life up until the massacre. There was no logical reason for it, and driven by her grief, Camille moved to New Orleans to search for answers. In the wake of the tragedy, Kieran left the city, thus Cami had to make her own way.

She managed to find a job at Rousseau's, a bar owned by the Deveraux sisters, Sophie and Jane-Anne. She also continued her studies as a psychology student, entirely unaware of the supernatural world she'd just stepped into. However, her beauty and her personality would draw the attention of Marcel Gerard, the reigning vampire king of New Orleans. He approached her one night as she went home from work, meaning to judge her character and let her live or die based on it. In response to his warning that it wasn’t safe, she immediately replied with a smile that she had a black belt in karate. The spirit she showed ended up saving her, as she would later encounter the Original hybrid Klaus while they both watched an artist painting on the street. Knowing what Marcel had intended to kill Cami if she proved stupid or let her live if she were brave, Klaus struck up a conversation about the artist they watched. Cami admitted she didn’t paint, but admired the talent and the story she knew every artist had. When Klaus asked her what she thought of the story belonging to the person they watched, she described a man who felt angry and unsafe, who desperately wished to control his demons rather than the other way around, and in doing so brought Klaus to tears. She apologized, trying to play it off by saying that she might have been wrong and the man could have been drunk and she was an overzealous psych major, but Klaus said she was probably right the first time. She looked away for a moment, long enough for Klaus to disappear thanks to his vampiric speed, much to Cami's confusion when she turned back to discover he wasn't there.

Equally impressed by her, Marcel attempted to pursue a relationship with Cami. Though she was attracted to him, Cami still had her doubts, stating that she would take Marcel's offer for a date under consideration—in other words, no. Later Klaus approached her about Marcel, but Cami again refused, recognizing that despite being charming, confident, and “incredibly hot”, she also saw Marcel (and Klaus) as a bad boy, and she only needed good influences in her life. As she put it, the damaged ones weren’t good for her. Klaus claimed he understood, but still compelled Cami to go out with Marcel so she in turn could act as his spy. She showed up at the bar Marcel had invited her to earlier, which was then empty except for them thanks to Marcel having sent everyone home for the night. Cami was impressed, and their date went well until they were interrupted by Marcel's ex-lover (and Klaus' sister) Rebekah. Cami was held hostage as Rebekah demanded to know where her other brother Elijah was being held captive. Marcel agreed to take her after he compelled Cami to forget what had happened while also promising to make the evening up to her.

Cami would continue to be used by the vampires, next by Rebekah who invited her to a charity gala being thrown by a philanthropist, who turned out to be Marcel. This time she opted to go of her own volition, dressed as an angel. This likely made everyone else in the room all the more tempted by her, as she unknowingly was also the sole human in a room of vampires. Rebekah and Klaus both greeted her, then the former went off to get a drink while Cami and Klaus talked. In the meantime, Marcel went to Rebekah, allowing Cami to realize that Marcel was the on-again, off-again relationship Rebekah had spoken of earlier. She remarked to Klaus that she thought his sister was turning out to be a bit of a bitch, to which Klaus agreed with amusement. Marcel then approached Cami to both protect and court her, both of which were successful efforts--almost. While she was unharmed, a near kiss was interrupted by one of Marcel's men, who pulled him aside with urgent news. Although she didn't know what was being discussed, Cami got to see firsthand that Marcel had a darker side as he forcefully took one of his other men to a balcony and angrily spoke to him. She watched, confirming with Klaus that Marcel had a temper and realizing she'd hit her moment of knowing better. She lamented to Klaus later at a bar, stating that Marcel wasn’t the man she thought he was, especially since he could suddenly turn from the charmer to someone with a vicious rage. Klaus realized that someone had not only broken Cami’s heart, but her trust. They shared a moment of attraction before Klaus turned away and said she needed to give Marcel another chance. Cami apologized for reading his signals wrong only for Klaus to state that she hadn't. However, he still needed her to spy on Marcel, so once again he compelled her, this time into believing that aside from an unfortunate fight with his friend, the night had been perfect.

Klaus would later invite Cami to his home, believing that her insight would lead her to see him beyond a man who was simply evil, as so many others did. He then revealed his perception of the situation going on in New Orleans: that he needed to protect the woman pregnant with his child, and that a girl was being held captive whom he wanted to free. He asked Cami if she thought that evil, to which she replied that she didn’t believe in evil as a diagnosis. She gave a rather professional listing of Klaus’s issues, including stress-related paranoia and fear of abandonment, and suggested he go to some other professional therapist for help. Klaus preferred to talk to her, however, and “offered” her a job as his stenographer. He wanted someone to type out his memoirs, although that was only part of it; he also still wanted Cami to be his spy, and to that end he revealed the truth about the supernatural presence in New Orleans, including the fact that the city was on the verge of war. While she was initially afraid, Klaus compelled her to not be, much to Cami’s shock, then explained how he could control her mind before turning the topic back to Marcel. He would then compel her to forget everything he’d told her, save for when they were together.

This was tested later, as Klaus went up to Cami while she was at work. She asked why she suddenly remembered everything, not because she didn’t understand the concept but because she wanted to know how the process worked; was it hypnosis, or a physical effect in her brain? Klaus brushed aside the question in favor of talking about Marcel yet again, having gone there after Cami contacted him stating she had some information. Marcel had asked her to escort a troubled friend of his around a music festival that night, but Cami refused. Klaus stated he had to insist otherwise, at which point Cami realized he intended to force her. She scoffed at him, sarcastically questioning why he would bother to ask, at which point Klaus revealed that he liked how she thought of the world and people. While he thought they might be friends otherwise, he had to take advantage of Davina being brought outside of hiding. She was both the witch Marcel used to maintain control of the French Quarter, and the person holding his brother Elijah captive. He compelled Cami to call Marcel and agree to spend time with Davina.

At the festival, Marcel and Cami spoke briefly before he left her alone with Davina, who intently watched a young fiddler performing. Cami quickly realized that Davina had feelings for the player, Tim, although it turned out that Davina had to leave school and wanted to go to the festival specifically for a chance to talk to him. They tried to find him after the performance, but Davina was quickly discouraged when they couldn’t. She walked away from Cami, providing Klaus the opportunity to step in. He gave Cami Tim’s phone numbers with instructions to in turn give it to Davina before helping her slip away from the vampires Marcel had posted to keep watch over them.

As planned, they wound up in St. Anne’s, which was at present abandoned due to the massacre Sean had committed. Tim played for Davina while Klaus and Cami talked. She admitted that while what Klaus was seemed insane, it still made sense. What didn’t was the tragedy of her brother, a mystery which it stood in stark contrast to her view of the world and of people, whom she believed to be inherently good until circumstances and events make them snap. Without being forced to, Cami revealed she was plagued by nightmares to the point of being unable to sleep, both guilty because she couldn’t save Sean, and fearful that she might suddenly turn as he had. Klaus couldn’t talk about it further due to what was happening, so he sent Cami away after ordering her to put the tragedy out of her mind. She went out to enjoy the rest of the festival on her own, returning home after the night ended.

Klaus showed up at her door before the night ended, offering to help with her sleeping problems before asking if he could come in. She invited him, not remembering that he was a vampire hybrid until after they were both inside. The conversation came back to her, Cami recalling that she told Klaus truths she never told anyone, and theorizing that perhaps a vampire compelled Sean to do what he had done. Klaus realized that Cami would do anything to find out the truth of her brother’s death, but refused to let her walk down that path. He believed it would give her no peace to learn what really happened, and instead wanted her to forget her quest in favor of moving on. Cami tearfully begged him not to take that away from her, insisting she needed to know what had happened and she needed to make it right. In the end, however, she couldn’t stop him, and Klaus ordered her to move on and sleep, while dreaming of a world where people only intended to be good. He also promised to find out the truth behind what happened to Sean.

Some days later she visited St. Anne’s to speak to Kieran, who had returned to New Orleans. She revealed that the discovery of the word “murderer” spray-painted on Sean’s grave didn’t bother her at all, and that she was sleeping peacefully in spite of what Sean had done. In fact, she was more bothered by Marcel blowing her off after two dates, all of which left her frightened and confused. While Kieran suggested she might be healing, Cami wanted to feel her pain again, as she believed she was letting the wrong stand without the grief to fuel her drive to discover the truth. Kieran told her not to question it, stating that only Sean was responsible for his own behavior. Cami asked if he truly believed that, and left dismayed when Kieran stated he did.

Later on, as Cami was cleaning up at Rousseau’s, Klaus revealed that a witch had hexed her brother and caused the tragedy, making good on his word. She wanted to know the name of the witch, but Klaus revealed she’d already been killed, causing Cami to slap him. Her anger was founded in the fact that she was no culpable in a revenge killing that she hadn’t ever asked for. Klaus couldn’t understand her reaction given how many times and for how many reasons he’d seen people die, expecting that Cami would be comforted by the truth. Incredulously, she pointed out that all of this was happening against her will, and swore she would not only find a way to undo every bit of compulsion Klaus forced on her, but that she would make Klaus regret ever meeting her. He left, causing her to immediately forget that promise.

Despite this friction, Klaus still had Cami type up his life’s story via typewriter, not even giving her the mercy of modern technology. As he drank and ranted over his family’s accusations and betrayals, Cami asked what the point of his repetitive ramblings; everyone was out to get him, to the point where she doubted he would even trust his own reflection. When he mused that he would dagger his siblings if he could, she pointed out that he went through the same destructive cycle time and again, and thus stood guilty as the one who caused his own misery. Klaus claimed that he didn’t bring her over to ask for advice, but Cami believed otherwise. He knew of her degree in psychology, and he no doubt had learned to type over his long life; she believed he wanted someone who not only would listen, but could see the truth of Klaus himself. Yet despite this, he also remained afraid of further betrayal, which led him to make Cami forget each time she left his presence. Klaus weakly denied it, then changed the topic by asking Cami about a doodle he found on her desk. She claimed it was nothing but a tattoo design, then angrily left after he demanded she draw on her own time, an absolutely outrageous desire considering he was the one stealing her time from her.

That night she once again returned to Sean’s grave, and once again found it desecrated with graffiti. Kieran approached, revealing that what she thought was the second occurrence was actually the third, causing her to throw down her rag and say it was pointless to clean the mess when someone would do it again. Kieran tried to reassure her that people would heal in time, but Cami’s worries ran deeper; she confessed she thought she was starting to lose it due to the gaps in her memories. She pulled out the drawing she’d done earlier, having no recollection of creating it, but recognizing it as the code Sean taught her when they were children. Kieran comforted her, then suggested she leave town. Cami refused, however, knowing the drawing meant something even if she couldn’t see what. Kieran tried to convince her that not everything held meaning and she should leave, but to no avail. Cami instead deciphered the code and found a picture of Klaus and Marcel that had been taken in 1919. She’d created the drawing as a message to herself, and she shared her findings with Kieran the next day, relieved at this proof that something was happening beyond her potential mental deterioration.

At her next meeting with Klaus, he triumphantly spoke of how he’d injured his brother Elijah, leaving him in the bayou to suffer through the effects of being bitten by a hybrid. He also revealed that he’d won rule of the French Quarter from Marcel, leaving Cami confused as to why he still needed her. He claimed it was to continue writing his memoirs, but as she revealed a moment later when Marcel walked in, she didn’t believe him. Klaus revealed that Cami knew the truth about them, but that she would forget once she left, instead spending her time worrying she was going crazy. Marcel accused Klaus of compelling Cami to go out with him; both he and Cami thought she had really liked him. Klaus revealed, much to their mutual dismay, that he had only ever had Cami give Marcel a chance; her feelings had been genuine, as was the awkwardness they all now experienced. In light of his amusement, Cami revealed her drawing and discoveries to Klaus, who of course made her forget all about them moments later before dismissing her.

What seemed to be a foolish move on Cami’s part had in fact been a well-planned feint; Cami had figured out enough to sneak a tape recorder in to her session with Klaus. The entire conversation had been recorded, a conversation which along with the books and messages she’d left for herself once more revealed the truth about him, in a far more solid way than the pictures. With this proof she called Kieran, tearfully revealing her theory that she was being mind-controlled. Unfortunately her uncle was called away moments later, but promised to talk with her later.

As she sat in her living room later, listening to the conversation, Klaus showed up and admired her tenacity. He said that she shouldn’t be seeking the truths she was after, and that she needed to leave. Cami claimed Klaus’ own cowardice was behind this, as he’d kept her around for weeks so she would understand him and now fears the results. Klaus stated she still didn’t know him, and if she did it would break her. She demanded he show her anyway, forcing him to reveal part of his past: the pain of killing and unleashing his werewolf curse, then his father’s efforts to subdue it by chaining him to a tree while their mother cast her spell. Instead of being repulsed, Cami looked upon Klaus with sympathy, believing no one should have to go through what he had. Although it was clear he didn’t truly wish to, Klaus still compelled her to leave, believing Cami would be killed if she stayed.

Fate had another plan, however, as Davina arrived at Cami’s apartment as she was packing to go. Realizing that she must have been compelled when Cami fails to recognize her, Davina begins the process of decompulsion, an agonizingly painful process that lasted the entire night and well into the following, yet one Cami willingly endured to gain back her memories and her confidence. Afterwards she took vervain, which would prevent her from being compelled again. As she recovered, Davina sensed someone practicing magic; specifically, a locator spell designed to find her. They needed to run, but Cami’s suggestion that they go to her uncle was shot down as Davina revealed that Kieran had known the truth all along, and while human, was actively involved in the supernatural running of the city. Although she tried to deny it the truth became readily apparent, and was temporarily frozen in her grief. Josh, a vampire and the sole person Davina trusted, told them both to go, promising to meet them when the sun went down.

The women made their way through the busy street, which was filled with people celebrating some sort of festival. By this time Marcel and Klaus were searching for them, forcing them to get off the street. Cami took Davina to St. Anne’s, intending to wait only for a few minutes. Josh called them, however, revealing that Klaus had taken Tim to force Davina to meet him. Davina wanted to do just that, but as Cami tried to stop her the pair was found by a quartet of witches. They used their power to knock Cami out, only to be killed by Davina’s greater strength. She left to save Tim, leaving Cami to be found by Kieran later. Cami confronted her uncle about every truth she’d learned, demanding answers. Kieran claimed to be protecting Cami, but the answer wasn’t nearly good enough for her. She stormed out, but only after telling Kieran he was just as bad as the other monsters in the city, given that Klaus had used the same excuse to justify his actions towards her. She ran into Klaus shortly after. Undaunted, Cami promised to reveal Klaus’ secret to the world if he hurt Davina or Josh, then told him to have a nice night before walking away.

Despite all her desires, however, Cami still had bills to pay. Jane-Anne had long been killed, and Sophie Deveraux seemingly vanished, despite Cami’s attempts to contact her as she stood in the empty and wrecked Rousseau’s. Marcel showed up, causing Cami to wield an empty liquor bottle and warn him that she was on vervain. Marcel said it was good that she broke free of Klaus’ compulsion, then asked about Sophie. He was undeterred when Cami revealed she wasn’t there, then settled in to wait for her with a bottle of alcohol. Cami remarked it was early to start drinking, having expected Marcel to be thrilled since he’d gotten Davina back. He told her that Davina had in fact been killed in an attempt to control the massive amount of power she had. The ritual had gone wrong, leaving Marcel visibly distraught. Despite her own anger over everything that happened, Cami still showed him sympathy for the loss. Marcel received a call from Klaus while they sat together, although he ignored it. Cami asked why Marcel remained loyal, and Marcel in turn pointed out that despite Cami’s claim to hate Klaus, she asked a lot about him. She said her interest was academic, although Marcel thought she wanted to get back at him and warned her not to. He told her the story of Papa Tunde, who stood as Klaus’ enemy in the 1920s. He was a powerful witch who had threatened Klaus, but the hybrid didn’t go after him at first. Instead Klaus invited him to a party, watched the man, and learned his weaknesses. Ultimately unimpressed, Cami called Klaus a two-faced sociopath and a monster. Marcel remarked that they were all monsters, and the powerful ones just didn’t have to hide it. Cami pointed out that Davina was powerful, not believing the girl to have been a monster in the least.

The day wore on with still no sign of Sophie, and as Cami refused to open the restaurant with Marcel present (and no promise he wouldn’t eat the customers), they continued to share drinks and conversation. Marcel attempted to apologize for calling off his potential relationship with Cami, although she was unsurprisingly not moved by his claim that he wanted to keep her out of everything. She instead said she was in it, and asked for the rest of the story with Klaus and Papa Tunde. He revealed how Tunde killed everyone who stood against him: human, werewolf, vampire, and even witch. Klaus ended it after he learned that Papa Tunde channeled his powers through his sons and killed them, then Tunde himself. Horrified at not only the actions but how cavalier Klaus was about them, Cami asked if Marcel didn’t worry that he would end up a victim to Klaus or just like him in the end. They were interrupted, however, by the arrival of the very man from Marcel’s story: Papa Tunde, somehow alive after he’d been killed decades earlier.

Marcel told Cami to run and started to fight, but was easily overwhelmed by Tunde. As he started to kill Marcel Cami hit him over the head with a bottle, only to be tossed aside. With no other choice she called Klaus, who told her to leave before coming to save Marcel. Cami only hid, however, coming out when Papa Tunde had been defeated. The damage was high, however, with Marcel lying on the floor at the point of death. Klaus said he needed blood and told Cami to find a stranger, but she volunteered herself instead, over Klaus’s protests, and in the end saved Marcel’s life.

Soon after, St. Anne’s held its first official service after the massacre, with Kieran giving the sermon. Cami showed up to congratulate her uncle, and also to make amends. However, seeing him talking to Klaus, she brushed him off (although she did say hello to Marcel who was also there). Later on, Kieran came to the bar to try and talk to her. Cami expressed her dismay at Kieran’s actions, but he said that for three centuries, the O’Connell’s had maintained the peace within New Orleans. She wasn’t interested in hearing it or much of anything else her uncle had to say, not until he trembled as he gulped down a glass of alcohol. He revealed that he’d been hexed just as Sean had, showing her a mark on his hand. Cami immediately tried to look for solutions, but Kieran only wanted her to be away from him when things got bad. At that point a stranger spoke up, who turned out to be the witch Genevieve; she said that if Cami wanted to save her uncle, she would use Papa Tunde’s enchanted blade on Klaus. The knife wouldn’t kill Klaus, but would incapacitate him and put him in a state of agony.

Cami called Klaus to meet at St. Anne’s, telling him what happened to Kieran and lamenting that they would still be fighting because her uncle had lied. Klaus implored her to forgive Kieran, calling him a good man. He also pointed out that now they had a common enemy in the witches, then stood and turned his back to Cami. She got up with blade in hand, called Klaus’ name so he would face her—and handed over the weapon. She rejected the witch’s offer, saying if she were more like Klaus then maybe she could do it, but she wasn’t stupid. There was a war happening, and in the end, Cami wanted to be on the side that won. Klaus in turned offered to do what he could to help save Kieran. The best method he had was to bleed Kieran of the vervain in his system, then compel him to counter the curse. Cami hated the sight of both her uncle’s pain and all the blood, but told Klaus to do what he had to. Unfortunately it didn’t work, as proven by an uncharacteristic display of cruelty on Kieran’s part. Klaus left to find the witch responsible, but was ultimately overwhelmed. Cami found this out when the witch Bastianna confronted her about her choice not to help them. She said Kieran would die, but warned Cami not to oppose them, as the witches of the French Quarter would once again rise.

Her time now largely occupied by looking after Kieran, Cami was not at all pleased to be summoned by Elijah for any reason other than helping her uncle. There were still other concerns, however; the witches revealed to Klaus that Rebekah and Marcel were responsible for a heartbreaking betrayal in 1919, as they brought Klaus’ father, Mikael, to New Orleans. Elijah stopped his brother by using Papa Tunde’s blade, but still needed Klaus’ help to find Hayley, the woman carrying Klaus’ child. He hoped Cami would help reason with Klaus, and wanted her to feed him his blood so he would recover, but slowly. She could control how much he ate, and the presence of vervain in her system meant that drinking her blood would burn him, discouraging him from taking a large amount at once. Most importantly, Elijah thought Cami may well be the only person who could be there that Klaus wouldn’t kill on sight. Between that and how Cami made Klaus see not only himself but others, he hoped she would be able to convince him not to kill Rebekah. Despite her shock and horror at all of this (including the moment when Elijah thrust his hand into Klaus’ chest to take out Papa Tunde’s knife), she stayed and attempted to do what Elijah asked, learning what Marcel and Rebekah had done.

Determined to have his revenge, Klaus attempted to get out of bed far too soon. He couldn’t even stand without help, so Cami told him to be a “good little boy and get back into bed.” Klaus quipped that if had money for every time someone told him that, and Cami quickly retorted that he’d have nothing. Klaus continued his story to prove her wrong, as he’d bedded a werewolf queen. Despite everything Cami wasn’t pleased to hear it, but covered her dismay with a remark that she wasn’t surprised to hear he liked opera. Klaus told her he was particularly fond of the one in his narrative for its story, one of forbidden love that was punctuated by a massacre of thousands and a father killing his own son. He said he could almost appreciate the irony, as he was responsible for keeping Rebekah from those she loved for centuries, and also hunted by his own father.

As he continued to feed, Klaus grew stronger, soon able to walk across the room and drink some scotch. He revealed that the Originals could be killed by use of a white oak stake, and then broke a statue that hid one such very stake he’d stored. With a message that Rebekah and Marcel were still in New Orleans, he left the house to go after them. However, he wasn’t yet fully restored, forced to stop and feed which allowed Cami to catch up with him and make a final plea. Despite her own vendetta against Klaus, which tempted her to use Papa Tunde’s blade, she chose not to because of the good she saw in him. She didn’t want the regret she would feel, and warned Klaus that the terrible pain of losing a sibling would be far greater if he was the one who killed her. She pointed out that his promised actions would make him just like his father, but Klaus told her she had no idea. He revealed the full horror of Mikael’s actions, from the sick display he’d set up simply to torture Klaus, to his promise to kill anyone and everyone in New Orleans who even knew his name. He gave Cami a promise, to just kill Rebekah, and not torment her as his father had him. He sped away after, leaving Cami helpless to do anything further.

The next day, she got a call from Marcel, who revealed that Davina was once more alive. She’d been traumatized by the death, however, and Marcel hoped Cami might be able to help her. His intentions weren’t entirely selfless; he wanted Davina to lower the barrier spell that trapped Rebekah with Klaus. While Cami was genuinely concerned for the girl as well, she was guilty of an ulterior motive too, in her case hoping Davina might be able to lift the hex on Killian. She tried to tell Davina that she could choose not to let her fear swallow her, but Davina remained doubtful because of the ancestors who spoke to her while she was dead. Cami stayed with Davina until the girl slept, at which point Marcel joined them. She knew Davina’s situation was one she couldn’t help, and suggested she go to an institution for care and medication. Marcel knew it wasn’t an option, and instead decided to take her back to the witches. Cami stood against it, but she also couldn’t stop Marcel.

In the end, Klaus didn’t kill Rebekah, instead showing her mercy by letting her leave town. Marcel also lived, but was banished from the French Quarter and removed from any position of leadership among those vampires. A month passed, and Cami nursed her uncle as best she could, which included keeping him medicated. Despite her efforts Kieran continued to get worse, and went to Klaus to see if he could help, only to be angered when she discovered Genevieve was also there, wearing nothing more than a bra, panties, and Klaus’ shirt. The women exchange snide comments before Genevieve goes, allowing Cami to ask for his help. Klaus stated it was too late, that the hex had far too long to take route. She refused to believe it, however, stating Klaus would as well if he had a concept of family and then storming out.

When she again checked on her uncle in the attic, she found Kieran chaining himself to a wall. He admitted that he was being consumed by a single thought, to kill everyone, and believed himself beyond hope and instead made efforts to stop himself from what he’d want to do. Notably, as they talked Kieran stepped closer to Cami, and she stepped back, even if she couldn’t admit to herself how far things had progressed. Kieran warned her that she would be approached to become head of the human faction in New Orleans due to her family lineage, but advised her not to take up the post. He once again told her to leave, but Cami refused as she believed there was still a chance. Kieran was briefly overtaken by the curse, attacking Cami who was forced to knock him out.

Later Cami drowned her sorrows in alcohol, making, as she put it, a julep without sugar or mint. Marcel found her, and on seeing her injury revealed that he’d had a boundary spell placed on the attic to keep Kieran within. Cami was moved by this kindness, as no one else had helped her in the past month. They commiserate with each other over their loss of family, pending and past, and Cami invited him to drink. As the night went on Marcel eventually took Cami home, where she told him she was tired of being alone. Marcel admitted the same, and they have sex. Afterward Cami said it couldn’t happen again, although she found it completely satisfying. She realized that Klaus trusted her and hated Marcel, and that he would see their being together, even casually, as a betrayal.

Sometime later Klaus approached Cami at Rousseau’s, stating he’d found someone who might be able to help her uncle. Cami quickly figured out he meant Genevieve, and at first refused Klaus’ offer. He started to leave, but Cami set aside her own feelings and pride in favor of changing her mind, telling Klaus to help him however he could. She even took this sentiment further by seeking out Genevieve later on at a private party to honor the witches and ask for their blessing. Having learned what era Genevieve originally lived in, Cami got her a hair comb from the same time, to honor Elijah’s efforts to bring peace to the French Quarter, and her uncle’s efforts to do the same. Genevieve found the gift beautiful and touching, and said that perhaps she could help.

That effort was thwarted by Klaus, however, who discovered Genevieve’s attempts to get her hands on his mother’s book of spells. He insulted her, and in turn Genevieve refused to help, which Klaus admits to Cami later at Rousseau’s. Cami didn’t understand why Klaus would tell her that, but Klaus claimed to be tired of secrets—then asked her about Marcel. She asked if that wasn’t what Klaus wanted all along, and if his anger was because they’d done something he didn’t control. Klaus told Cami to warn Marcel that he would kill him if he saw him, and then left.

Kieran continued to deteriorate, falling into hallucinations and incoherency, save for increasingly rare moments. Desperate and with no other options, Cami ultimately enlisted Josh’s help to compel a doctor to treat Kieran using electroshock therapy, which in theory would reboot his brain. The doctor advised against it, as did Klaus who went to the attic at Marcel’s behest. Cami stubbornly ignored all of their advice, and performed the treatment herself. For a moment after it was done Kieran seemed to be himself once more, but only for a moment. Cami wanted to try the treatment again, but Kieran’s heartbeat was erratic, promising that he would die if she continued. Klaus had her go downstairs to tell her it was time for her not to give up, but to let go. Cami still refused, even after Kieran bit off his own thumb to escape his restraints and had to be sedated. Ultimately Kieran’s heart gave out, to the point where Klaus had to punch his hand into the man’s chest to massage his heart. Still so desperate for any answer, Cami had Klaus feed Kieran his blood, knowing it would revive him after he died.

During the hours that passed, Cami lit candles and prayed for the dead. It gave her time to reflect on her own actions, and to realize that Kieran would never have wanted to be turned. Klaus pointed out that Kieran wouldn’t complete the transition, and that he’d only done as Cami asked to allow her the opportunity to say goodbye to him, believing his death would lift the hex. Klaus had intended to go, but Cami asked him to stay, and Klaus agreed.

On waking Kieran seemed to have regained his sanity, and while he could still feel the hex the telltale mark from his hand was gone. Klaus revealed what they’d done and Cami quickly apologized for instigating it. Klaus ensured Kieran knew his choice, which the priest did. He then asked Klaus to give him and Cami some privacy. Cami said it was okay, and thanked Klaus for the kindness he’d shown her that day. Kieran had Cami make final preparations, including retrieving a few things for him. Notably, there was a key missing from his possessions, which was a part of the O’Connell family legacy. Kieran told Cami she had to find it, then apologized to her, as he never wanted her to become part of the supernatural agenda in New Orleans. While Cami still can’t believe things would truly end this way, Kieran had known all along that it would happen, and had made his peace with it. He took Cami into his arms, then told her that she had to leave; he would be fighting a hunger for human blood, and he didn’t want her to see it. Tearfully Cami abided by his wishes, turning and leaving the room without looking back.

Despite his intent to spend his last hours praying, Kieran was instead again influenced by the hex; his relief had only been temporary, and as he was no longer human, the boundary spell couldn’t contain him. He went after Cami, using a knife to cut her and licking her blood from the blade. She leapt off a balcony to escape him, but still would have died save for Klaus’ intervention. He’d returned after being told what would happen by Genevieve, and snapped Kieran’s neck. This wouldn’t permanently kill him, however, and only after Cami nodded her permission did he stake the priest, finally ending it. Afterwards, Cami was both emotionally and physically exhausted, and at some point passed out. Klaus took her home, and called Marcel to lift his exile for 24 hours because when Cami woke, she called out for Marcel. When he arrived Cami let him comfort her, crying openly while they embraced.

There was little time to spend grieving, however; because of Kieran’s role in the community, his wake and funeral were both very public affairs—although the former was not at all somber. Held in the bar, people partied to celebrate Kieran’s life. While she had little choice about the tradition Cami still had a hard time dealing with it. She found Klaus to thank him, but he only seem interested in another drink. Cami pointed out her reason for being in a bad mood, then asked to know Klaus’s, the question serious in spite of her sarcasm. He revealed he’d been having dreams about his father, believing them to be influenced by his own fear of impending fatherhood. Cami pointed out that he’d acknowledged he was going to be a dad out loud, which was surprising for him, as Hayley had been living outside of the city with her werewolf family. Klaus pointed out he knew about being a father as he looked at Marcel. Following his gaze, Cami put together what he meant, and snidely remarked that given how well it’d gone the first time, why would he change anything now, then left his table.

Marcel gave a speech about Kieran’s efforts and the result of them, pointing out that he was the only one who could bring people together like this. Touched but not desiring to show her grief in public, Cami escaped to the kitchen for a moment alone. She wouldn’t have it, thanks to the presence of Francesca Correa, the woman who had taken Kieran’s place as head of the human faction. She asked about the key Kieran had worn, immediately pissing Cami off with her ill-timed demand to know where it was. Cami very pointedly stated she didn’t know where it was, then angrily stormed off.

Eventually the party did end, but Cami remained by the casket, keeping watch. Marcel opted to stay with her, pouring her a drink as she put her feet up to rest after the event. Cami asked if he didn’t have a war to plot for, and Marcel pointed out that even the bad guys would take a night off out of respect for Kieran. Cami thought that he might, but talked about her encounter with Francesca. Out of concern Marcel asked not what key they were talking about but what Cami said, which made her realize Marcel knew what happened to it. He revealed that he was in fact wearing that very key, which he had gotten Josh to lift off of Kieran earlier. Once more the excuse was that he was trying to protect her from something bigger than herself, but Cami wouldn’t hear it. She told him to go, rejecting his offer to learn about the key or anything else.

After a night of no sleep and a funeral filled with vampires, however, Cami changed her mind. The key was for something the humans could use in case the supernatural factions got out of line, although Marcel didn’t know anything more specific. He’d had his followers search the city, but to no avail. Cami suspected Marcel wanted to know if she had any information, but Marcel stated otherwise; he’d lost one friend, and another was grieving. He was there for them, not himself.

During the procession, Cami was approached by Hayley, who wanted to know anything Cami might have found out about Francesca. Despite never having truly met Hayley, the poor timing, and Cami’s personal desire to not get involved in things, Francesca had pissed off Cami enough for her to agree. All told it was enough to keep Cami’s mind on the key, to the point where she left the burial to go to Sean’s grave. Marcel followed, and Cami revealed she believed the Kieran had Sean buried not with their family but with the criminals of the city for a reason. In the tomb there turned out to be a box which the key unlocked. When he discovered it was empty Marcel believed someone must have figured the truth out first, but Cami saw otherwise. A message had been carved into the box, one specifically written in the code Sean taught her years ago. Cami understood then that Sean was meant to inherit all this, that he must have learned the code from Kieran, and now the responsibility fell to her. In turn, she refused to share the meaning of the message with Marcel.

Cami didn’t need long to decode the message; she did so at Rousseau’s, but was interrupted by the arrival of Francesca and her guard. They emptied the restaurant of everyone else, and Francesca revealed she was the new owner of the restaurant. She once more demanded to know where the key was, stating that her family had been in New Orleans longer than the O’Connell’s, and that it was a dangerous town to live in. Despite her clear fear, Cami still stood up to Francesca, who gave her a 24 hour deadline before promising something worse, then left.

Now with even more motivation and the addressed that had been encoded on the box, Cami went to discover just what her uncle had kept hidden. It turned out to be a storehouse of weapons and information, all of which could be used against the other factions in New Orleans. There was so much it likely would’ve been difficult for Cami to choose where to begin, if not for a box labeled “For Cami” sitting on a shelf. Within she found Kieran’s research on the Correa family line, including proof of a falsified birth certificate in 1925 and an outline of their family tree. One of the final notes questioned it there were still Guerrera werewolves in the Quarter, as the family was thought killed off by Marcel around the same date that was on the birth certificate. She called Hayley to reveal that Francesca might be lying about her status as a werewolf, and couldn’t be trusted, but only got the woman’s voicemail. Unbeknownst to her the Guerraras were in fact making their move at the very same time, having tricked the Mikaelsons into believing them allies against Marcel’s forces when in fact they wanted to use a witch to steal Klaus’ power to make moonlight rings so they could control their werewolf curse.

After attempting to call everyone she could think of, Cami rushed to the compound where the Mikaelsons lived. Marcel’s men had been viciously beaten, all of them bitten by werewolves and dying from the venom. He tried to warn Cami away as the bites would make the vampires not only hallucinate but hungry for blood. Before she could go, Elijah stormed in, demanding to know where Hayley had been taken. Cami stood between the men, insisting Marcel didn’t have her and that Elijah knew Cami wouldn’t lie about it. Elijah then questioned Marcel about Klaus’ location and learned that Klaus had been left in the street after a witch’s spell drained his power.

He left, and Marcel and Cami tried to do what they could for Marcel’s men. Davina arrived to discover what had happened; when she confirmed that Marcel had made Klaus bleed she left to retrieve the blood, which would cure them. She came back with Josh, who had been bitten by Klaus himself earlier that day. She’d gotten the blood, but Marcel revealed there was only enough for one. Davina begged not to be forced to choose between the people she loved, and Marcel didn’t make her; he took the cup to give to Josh because Josh was one of his guys, and too many of them had died that day. Cami watched, and held the cup for Josh to drink. Marcel started to leave, but Cami stopped him; she didn’t disagree with his desire to get Klaus’ blood and save as many of his men as he could. Instead she stated he would need a weapon, and offered him her arsenal.

She took Davina and Marcel both to the storehouse, where Davina revealed the items to be witch-made dark objects that had apparently fallen into the hands of the humans. Marcel asked if she were certain she wanted him to see this, but Cami was; the secret which could have gotten her killed could in turn save the lives of her friends, including Marcel himself. Davina drew their attention to something called the Devil’s Star, which was said to be able to inflict a thousand cuts with a single throw. Marcel took it to make Klaus bleed. Presumably he had Cami stay behind, which she did for her own safety.

In spite of all their efforts, only Marcel was cured. His men were killed presumably by the return of the werewolves, although unbeknownst to them all Mikael had in fact returned to life and killed them by feeding. A memorial wall was put up for all who had been killed, including Klaus’ baby. In truth she’d been given to Rebekah to keep her safe outside of New Orleans, but this secret was kept by the Mikaelsons and Hayely; unaware that the baby lived, Cami rushed to Klaus out of both guilt and grief. Klaus tried to tell her it wasn’t her fault, but Cami blamed her own hesitation, believing that she could have found out the truth sooner and somehow prevented it. Klaus said she couldn’t, and that they also couldn’t be friends. He still wanted to protect Cami, someone he found beautiful, and who would be targeted by Klaus’ demons because of how he felt for her. Cami tried to say something, but Klaus asked her to go, so in tears she ran out.

Over the months that followed, the Guerraras strengthened their hold over the city, driving out the vampires from the French Quarter as Marcel had previously done to them. Cami returned to as much of a normal life as she was allowed, which included a friends-with-benefits relationship with Marcel. After one of their hook ups, Cami found him staring out a window to the city he’d lost. She told him he didn’t miss much, considering the werewolves were in control and the humans didn’t care so long as they made money. Marcel asked about Klaus, but so far as Cami knew, he remained locked away in grief. Marcel believed Klaus to be plotting something, but Cami changed the topic, revealing Davina had returned to school after telling her coven to shove it. Seeing his continued worry, she suggested it might be better to move on rather than hold to things they couldn’t change. Marcel said maybe it was, although he clearly didn’t agree.

Cami left to meet her new advisor, but quickly found herself in the company of two of Francesca’s men. She turned to face them, demanding that they tell Francesca she was trying to live an ordinary life, but quickly realized it was pointless. She then handed over the coffee she was carrying, having learned the preference of one of her stalkers over the time she’d been followed. Between that and her conversation with Marcel, she opted to go to the home of the Mikaelsons. She called for Klaus as she made her way through the seemingly abandoned halls, stopping several times as she thought she sensed his presence. In truth she did, but Klaus kept himself unseen, instead sending out Elijah to tell Cami that he didn’t want to talk to her. Elijah chided her for trespassing and putting herself at risk by trying to contact Klaus, but as Cami pointed out, she was already in danger. She pointed out that Marcel had taken care of the wolves years ago, and he’d likely do so again. Elijah dismissed her, but Cami stopped to say that despite their family’s grief for the child, she knew they wouldn’t believe the rumors that had arisen that stated Marcel killed her. She told Elijah they had a weapon across the river, and they should use it, then she left.

That night, Francesca’s men showed up in Cami’s apartment, ripping the place apart in search for the white oak stake. Out of frustration and because it a fight between the werewolves and the Originals, she gave them an address to go to, along with her uncle’s key. It was a ruse, however, and after the pair left Cami nodded to Elijah, who stood by watching.

The plan worked, and the Guerreras were defeated. This left the witches in charge, as they produced the moonlight rings the wolves were after. Cami, however, still tried to stay out of it, instead focusing on her life and her friends. To that end she ended things with Marcel, believing the deeper she was in with him, the deeper she would be into everything he was involved with. She wanted to get her certification and help humans with their ordinary problems and being involved with Marcel and that life wouldn’t allow her to do so.

She couldn’t separate herself entirely, however. She spoke to her advisor Vincent about how New Orleans was a city of death despite how the people within it lived. She saw it as an attempt for everyone to distract themselves from the fact that they would die. Vincent asked if that was what she was afraid of, which in turn prompted Cami to ask when she said she was afraid of anything. Vincent commented that if she couldn’t be open even after weeks of meeting, she couldn’t expect her patients to open up to her. She claimed she was open, offering to talk about her dead relatives. Vincent wanted to hear about the living, however, so she spoke of her relationship troubles. She blatantly admitted to being attracted to the wrong kind of guy. She’d recognized that she was Marcel’s rebound after Rebekah left, which was an additional reason for her to not get involved with him. She also spoke about Klaus, who had gotten under her skin despite nothing ever happening between them. She had tried to pretend Klaus wasn’t good underneath all his issues and in spite of so many of his actions, but Cami couldn’t. Vincent noted that she cared for him, and wanted to save him, but as Cami retorted, some people didn’t want to be saved.

After her session, Cami called Davina, finally reaching her after several days’ worth of attempts. This was prompted by Josh, who had told Cami Davina went missing from the city entirely. Cami wanted to know where she was but Davina refused to tell her, instead promising she was okay before hanging up. Cami called out Davina’s name, only to hear Klaus remark that the girl had been rather rude from behind her. She turned around in shock, which turned to irritation at Klaus’ flippant attitude. She wanted to know what Klaus was after, which turned out to be Davina, who had brought Mikael back from the dead and now had him under her control. Even though the witch hadn’t said where she was, Klaus used his knowledge of her family’s property ownership and his supernatural hearing to figure out where she was staying. Though reluctant, Cami agreed to go with Klaus as his plan consisted of two paths: either Cami could reason with Davina, or Klaus would take care of the situation his way.

While on the way, Cami stopped at a bar, telling Klaus to wait in the car while she went inside. When she took too long to come back, he followed, finding her having a drink. He got upset at her lack of urgency, while she pointed out he was the one who had stolen her time. Klaus suggested she meant to get him drunk so he would listen to her lecture, but Cami instead intended to listen. She knew Klaus didn’t have to bring her, but instead chose to so he would have someone to listen to his side of things.

She learned that not only was Mikael back, but so was Esther, the Mikaelsons’ mother. Instead of wanting her children dead, she wanted to place their souls into new bodies, thus making them mortal as she had done with Klaus’ formerly dead brothers Finn and Kol. Cami asked if he planned to kill her too, but Klaus lamented that she would only jump into another body, or haunt him from beyond as a witch ancestor. Mikael remained the primary problem, and Klaus had taken the precaution of bringing Papa Tunde’s blade with him, much to Cami’s entire lack of delight. Klaus started to go, but Cami stopped him, pointing out that while he had so much to fight against, he had nothing to fight for. She told him he needed to find the pleasures life had to offer, however small, demonstrating this by telling Klaus to ask her to dance. It wasn’t because she wanted to; as Cami stated, she was horrible at it. Instead she just wanted him to find something he enjoyed, the good in life. She got him to dance, and though they seemed to share a moment Klaus took the opportunity to spin Cami and leave, taking the car so he could reach Davina. All she could do in turn was to try to contact Davina, sending her texts to warn her Klaus was coming, and find a way to get there on her own.

That way turned out to be hitchhiking, followed by running in heels not at all designed for outdoor jogs. She made it to the cabin shortly after Klaus had subdued his father with Papa Tunde’s blade. Her first concern was for Davina, asking if she was okay even as she gasped for breath. Klaus said she was fine, that the worst that had happened was that she would wake up with a headache. She was still pissed at him, and told Klaus that he wouldn’t hurt Davina no matter what. In turn Klaus easily gave his word, earning a look of surprise and a hug from Cami. She then noticed Mikael, whom Klaus had decided not to kill in favor of leaving him in agony.

Cami went to check on Davina, finding her unconscious with a boy named Kaleb looking over her. She wanted to take Davina to a hospital, but got distracted when Kaleb taunted Klaus, making Klaus want to murder him for the disrespect. Whether or not Klaus meant it, Cami pulled him aside, telling him that he wouldn’t kill a kid after he refused to murder his own father. Klaus agreed, handing Cami the stake and telling her to get the car. Unbeknownst to them both, Mikael had overcome the effect of Papa Tunde’s blade and removed it from his own chest. He dragged Cami away to be his hostage, having seen how Klaus deferred to her. Though he needed to feed he saw more value in Cami as leverage, knowing he could get Klaus to hesitate by threatening. Cami thought it all crazy, the endless cycle that Mikael and Klaus repeated, all because Klaus wasn’t Mikael’s biological son. He yelled at her to be quiet, calling her an enabler for the weak. Mikael then heard music in the distance, and shortly after found a raucous party that would provide the blood he needed to recover from his wound. Additionally, he compelled the survivors to attack Klaus, likely to slow him down.

After seeing what Mikael had done, Cami revealed that she had put a lot of effort into trying to convince Klaus that his father couldn’t have always hated him deep down. After throwing her to the ground, Mikael said he didn’t, that Klaus’ birth gave him great joy because he saw a son who had the eyes of a warrior. Klaus’ weakness disappointed him, however, giving Mikael relief only when it was revealed that they weren’t related by blood. Yet for Mikael even that was tainted, as Klaus was a werewolf who grew obsessed with them, and caused one of his true sons to be killed. Cami called it an accident, causing Mikael to scream that Klaus was responsible for killing Esther and turning his children against their father.

Cami stood up then, her frustration overwhelming her fear as she once more told Mikael how much effort she’d gone through to convince Klaus not to kill him. She demanded to know how after being alive for so long Mikael couldn’t see his quest for blood was entirely meaningless. Mikael laughed, realizing that Cami was a therapist for Klaus. She confirmed it, and blatantly told Mikael he could use some therapy as well. He countered by saying what he needed was food, as the wound from Papa Tunde’s blade had yet to heal, and went against his earlier promise not to feed from her.

(As a note, this is when I plan to draw Cami from. However, the aftermath of the confrontation with Mikael does present a shift in character for her, so I’m going to go a little further into what happens)

He didn’t kill her, however, instead holding her upright for Klaus to see when he arrived. Cami was quickly tossed aside in favor of the fight, unconscious at the start. She struggled to get to her feet after she came to, but was used as distraction just as Mikael planned. He threw the blade at her, and would have killed her if Klaus hadn’t caught it. This left him vulnerable, and Mikael used the white oak stake on his son. Klaus didn’t burn, however, as Davina and Kaleb (who was in truth Kol), drained the power from the stake. Mikael went to find them, which in turn gave Cami just enough time to pull it out of Klaus’ body and thus save his life. She threatened Mikael with the stake, promising to kill him herself if he didn’t stay away. Undaunted Mikael considered keeping her warrior’s heart as a souvenir, but was stopped by the arrival of Marcel and Hayley, whom Klaus had called earlier. Injured, outnumbered, and weaponless, Mikael was forced to flee, though not before he taunted Klaus by saying that his friends only proved his weakness.

Klaus and Cami looked after each other in the aftermath; Klaus told Cami she saved him, and she said it was the least she could do as she was the one who had told Klaus not to kill his father at the first available opportunity. Klaus calmly said he would have killed Mikael simply because he’d hurt Cami. Hayley and Marcel returned after checking the perimeter, confirming Mikael was gone, leaving the group to recover and deal with Elijah being held prisoner by Esther.

Abilities/Special Powers: She can make Klaus not be a raging murderous ass. Sort of. Other than that, she is a completely normal non-powered human, which probably makes her still being alive in canon pretty special too.

Third-Person Sample: So. Wonderland.

It's been a month already, yet Cami still finds herself stopping at times, simply remembering the name of the impossible place where she's ended up. At least she can take comfort in the fact that she's not going insane over it. No, she remembers well enough what that feels like, thank you Klaus, and this is different. Maybe a perpetual state of disbelief, rooted in the fact that her expectations of Wonderland come from fictionalized versions that are only loosely connected to this particular reality, which so heavily features mentally invasive practices of magic.

And the fact that she's still able to think that clearly means she hasn't had enough to drink yet, so she motions to the bartender for another.

She's not trying to liquor herself up so she forgets though; even as a temporary measure, the effectiveness is limited. It's just been too long since something made sense in her life. She's gone from discovering a world of vampires and werewolves and witches to this, a place that manages to make even less sense and provide fewer comforts. The familiar faces from back home don't exactly leave things uncomplicated, and finding out the local therapy office is run by Hannibal Lecter of all people certainly doesn’t count as a happy discovery.

So she's at the poor man's couch instead, favoring the person pouring her drink with a smile before they pass it over so she can take a sip. The key is figuring out that line where her worries don't feel so suffocating, but that won’t find her unable to make the trip back to her room. It's a tricky thing, just like so much else here. Luckily for Cami, she's had practice at it.

First-Person Sample: Someone tell me I’m not losing my mind.

[Because it feels like she might be, all of this too much like a return to that period in her life when she had gaps in her memories thanks to a certain hybrid who wanted free therapy. The problem is, she’s on vervain now, and Klaus knows she’d read him the riot act if he even thought about compelling her. So what the hell is going on? Clearly the woman broadcasting over the feed now has no idea, and she’s very upset because of it.]

I’ve gone from being in the middle of nowhere Louisiana bayou to some posh mansion, with no idea of how I got here, a phone that doesn’t let me call the police--[Or Klaus, or Marcel, or anyone else she’d just seen seconds ago but whom now have seemingly vanished into thin air]--and a pamphlet welcoming me to Wonderland?

[It’s definitely a shock to her system to read over the brochure, and it’s hard not to go over it again, to try and find some semblance of logic in what seems to be her only clue. But in the end, just sitting there trying to put together a puzzle with just one piece doesn’t help. She closes her eyes, sucking in a breath as she readies herself to take a different tact. Confused ramblings probably won’t get her anywhere, but she knows what might.]

Okay, look. I know that someone is behind this, because I did not just completely lose it. So whoever you are, whatever your goal is, believe me when I tell you that you’ve made a huge mistake by bringing me here. I’m going to figure out what’s going on and then? I’m going to make sure you regret it.

[Now, hopefully? The guilty party steps forward to underestimate her, and Cami gets some answers: a name, a face, maybe even a motive. Considering the egomaniacs she’s gotten used to dealing with, it seems like a pretty reasonable plan.]
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